Vibha Volunteer Conference 2019

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Why Participate?

Why Should I Attend?

The first question every volunteer asks when they see Volunteer Conference e-mail: What difference will it make whether I attend or not? Why should I spend money and sacrifice a nice weekend? Honestly, I don’t know what difference will it make if you don’t attend the conference. But I am 100% sure it will make a big difference if you do attend. We can’t measure what happens if we don’t volunteer, but we sure can do a lot by volunteering. If you know what change you can make by volunteering with Vibha, multiply that by a big number, and that is the difference it makes by you attending the conference. For many volunteers, conference is the first time they get to put a face for volunteers they have been interacting over phone or e-mail. For others it is the time to learn more about Vibha. But most importantly, it is where we get to brainstorm on new ideas and take key decisions as a team. These decisions shape the future of the organization and the children we support.

What's On The Agenda?

Imagine you are standing in a Vibha booth. A gentleman walks up to you and start a conversation with you about what is Vibha etc, and you give a good spiel about what we do and the 150,000 children we have reached out through 40 Projects etc. Then you get the tough question, so what happened to the 150,000 children you supported? Are they all now educated and working? When do you plan to complete the 40 projects? How many projects have you completed so far? What will be your answer? The fact is you will not find answers to these questions in any of our brochures. Not for a moment underestimate the efforts we have put in so far!!!! We sure are making a big difference to the lives of a lot of children, but there is a difference between “helping a child” versus “solving a problem”. At this conference we will brainstorm on how we can get on the “Problem solving mode”?. The problems we have in front of us cannot be solved in a year or two. A Five Year Plan is the minimum what we are a looking at as the next meaning step towards our vision. It will be a quite a challenging task and can be a paradigm shift from what we do today. And that is why it doesn’t make any sense to plan for this without an active participation from Action Centers, where the real action takes place.
The Board and Exec Team did a few round of brainstorming on the Five Year Plan. We do have a high level plan that we want to share with you at the conference. We want to get feedback from as many people as possible on this high level plan, and then work on the fine details for each functional area. The break out session will be focused on coming up with a detailed plan for each functional area. When the conference concludes, we expect to have a detailed Five Year Plan that we will start implementing.

Represent Your Action Centre

  • If you are a Vibha volunteer, this is your chance to represent your Action Center at the Conference and be part of interactive sessions with Board Members and Executive Members, network with new and existing volunteers and more importantly brainstorm and find solutions to the pressing challenges at your AC or teams.
  • If you are part of another Non Profit Organization or an Academician in the field of Child Development, we would like to hear your perspective of the status of children and child development in India and connect with Grass Root workers and Vibha volunteers closely associated with this issue.
  • If you are looking to volunteer with Vibha, this conference will provide you an insight into our organization.

-- Rajesh Haridas, Trustee