Rewriting Story Endings

Neha is a 20 year old young lady who lives in New Delhi. Neha's Father works in a small garment's shop and makes about Rs.12,000 per month. The family was already under financial constraints as Delhi was an expensive city to dwell in. So when Neha's mother fell seriously ill, the family could not afford the educational expenses for both her and her brother. So, with much regret, Neha's education was discontinued. As an ambitious young girl with dreams of earning a degree, Neha was shattered.

Neha's Aunt stumbled upon the Cutting & Tailoring course offered at ALAMB- a VIBHA supported project. On her Aunt's recommendation, Neha enrolled in the Beauty & Wellness program in 2017. Even as she trained, Neha was able to start working doing Bridal makeup and charging Rs. 2,000 per client. At the successful completion of the course, she started work at a local beauty salon, where she earned a baseline salary of about Rs. 4000/- per month. She was also able to supplement her income with ad hoc clients and jobs. Her work ethic and excellent skills were so highly appreciated by her employer that they recruited yet another graduate of the ALAMB program.

Although Neha started to work, she had still not lost her passion to earn a college degree. With the extra income came the financial capability to pay for higher education. Neha enrolled at a local college to pursue her BA degree, in addition to working full time. When asked about ALAMB and her time there, she smiles. ALAMB has made her financially secure and has enabled her to follow her dreams, she says confidently.


Since 2003, VIBHA has partnered with projects such as ALAMB in Uttam Nagar, West Delhi. Alamb was established in 1992 to improve the lives of young girls through remedial education and vocational training programs that offer a pathway to rapid financial independence. Alamb runs tailoring, embroidery, beautician and computer courses in its vocational training programs to help girls from slums support their families.

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Project location : West Delhi, India
Number of young women supported : 210
2018 Annual Budget provided : $21,724

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