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Imagine the plight of a girl student who has to walk for over 4 kilometers on a gravel road to reach the school everyday?

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Ramya (Kalam Kalyani Ganesh Ramya) of Ch. Nagapuram village, Golugonda Mandal, Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh - had a childhood ambition of pursuing at least a bachelor’s degree. Ramya’s family consists of her mother Suryamani and father Kondayya Dora, both agricultural labourers and is highly impossible to support her to achieve her ambition.

But Ramya was lucky. Bhagavatula Charitable Trust  (BCT) supported by VIBHA ran a primary education center in her village. But her luck ran out when she finished her primary education - her new High School was 4 kilometers away from her village in KD.Petta.

The daily walks to school and back on a gravel laden undulating road was tiring her. The strain was showing on her classroom performance. BCT/Vibha stepped in with a solution. In 2013, they  provided her with a bi-cycle to reduce the drudgery and also assist her to fulfill her ambition.

Now Ramya has completed her class 12 (Intermediate as they say in this state of Andhra ). She wants to continue to her studies further up to become a teacher and start a high school in her village.

More about Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT)

Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT) provides quality education for about 200 children in the age group of 6 to 15 years old, through skill oriented, single teacher schools in 20 tribal villages. These schools are run in the Golugonda Mandal of Visakhapatanam District. The students under this non-formal skill building education system will be linked with the formal schools run by Integrated Tribal development.

The Golugonda and Koyyuru mandals are mainly inhabited by Bhagaratha, Valmikie, Konda Kammari, Phojulu, Purajalu, Konda Dora and Gadaba tribes. Some of the members of these tribes have migrated from adjacent State Orissa to these Manadals in search of employment. The occupation of these tribes is shifting cultivation, rain fed agriculture & allied activities and non timber forest produces. Since they are migratory by nature, the children have often not been to school. This programme will try to ensure that these children are integrated into formal schools.

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Project location : Vishakapatanam District , Andhra, India
Number of children supported : 240
Annual Budget provided : 9,73,000 Rs.

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Your tax deductible donation now will ensure that more children will go to school in 2018. Your donation will go towards funding educational materials, vocational training, teacher training, setting up libraries, rehabilitation of differently-abled children, basic immunizations and rescue of children from vulnerable situations.


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