From Gloom To Bloom

Bright and confident 11 yr. old Aditya Satish Manajrekar hopes to join the military and serve his country one day

It is truly amazing how much someone can be helped with just a little extra attentiveness and guidance. And that is exactly how Childrens Toy Foundation (CTF) funded by Vibha  helped Aditya and family.

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Aditya has many hopes to help others one day. But first, he must be helped. Aditya grew up in a struggling household in which the father figure, Satish, passed away and the mother was the sole home-maker raising 3 kids all by herself. As a single mother, Smt. Savita, did her best to provide for Aditya and his two sisters. It was never easy. The family was too poor and their monthly income of 3000 rupees was just not enough to make ends meet.

Despite the struggles at home, Aditya is an exceptionally bright, young boy who was initially identified in sixth grade by CTF staff while they were conducting a session for the class. They called him a “special case” as he required more attention and patience. Whenever CTF visited, they interacted with his mother when she came to pick up Aditya from school at the end of the day. CTF encouraged his mother to push him to interact with classmates and follow discipline. One of his teachers also went above and beyond and made special efforts in playing memory games and puzzles to strengthen these skills. They helped him understand the importance of concentration and focus by helping him develop the habit of sitting in one place for long periods of time. As Aditya was also below average height for his age, the CTF team gave him skipping rope exercises, on his insistence, to practice. Over this past year, they have seen a considerable increase in height.

Under CTF care for one year, Aditya has improved in his studies and made a large number of friends. Along with this, CTF and family have observed a substantial behavioral change. Aditya’s mother is truly happy and grateful for CTF and those that have supported Aditya in a life-changing experience.

More About Children’s Toy Foundation

Children’s Toy Foundation (CTF) aims build self esteem in underprivileged children by laugh, play and grow approach. For a majority of India’s child population, quality toys remain a pie –in- the- sky. The poor standard of living of the general populace has imposed unnatural curbs on the child’s playtime, curbing its most natural means of discovery, communication and expression.

Vibha funds the mobile unit of CTF named LAFF with professionally trained staff and educational toys/games for children that instantly kindle the creativity, cognitive skills and intellectual development in growing curious minds

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Project location :
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Number of children supported :
Annual Budget provided :
9,80,000 Rs.

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