Recognizing Leadership in Hyperactivity

Sakshi Daynoba Barvalker was a very pretty girl, with eyes that sparkled and hair neatly combed into two pigtails tied up with red ribbons. Sakshi also possessed a mind that constantly shifted like a kaleidoscope. She had issues sitting still in class for lessons- bouncing in her seat, asking a million questions and was a handful to keep engaged.

However, her teachers at RACHANA, a VIBHA supported project right outside of Pune, saw these traits as assets that could be channeled to great advantage. They encouraged Sakshi to pick up a lot of the activities organized at the center such as singing, games and sports, educational excursions, awareness seminars etc. to channel the hyperactivity. Once she was able to gain some measure of confidence and calmness, Sakshi was made the Student leader due to her keen IQ and abilities to multitask. Today, Sakshi is confident, active and a very bright young girl who has the ability to really affect change in the world around her, starting right at home.

Sakshi’s dad drives an auto rickshaw and her mother is a homemaker. Grinning widely, Sakshi’s mom talks about the many changes in her household, due in large part to Sakshi’s exposure and learning, especially around practices of hygiene. She says that the family is using fewer plastics and engaged in recycling. Additionally, due to pressure from Sakshi, there is a much more equitable distribution of domestic chores among the genders. Her brothers are badgered into helping a lot more with household chores.

When she grows up, Sakshi has grand plans to study agriculture and help empower farmers in the rural sector through scientific farming methodology and practices.

How Vibha and Rachana are Connected?

Vibha and Rachana joined hands in 2003 in supportive education and integrated development programs to the children from 12 remote villages in Mulshi, Haveli and Panshet talukas of Pune District.The integrated development program works with school going and drop-outs of the age group of 10 to 18 years. 960 children from the 12 villages take part in skill workshops, educational projects and short vocational courses. The combined efforts have driven down the dropout rates in several villages down to 0 and attendance in primary school is around 95%. More girls from these villages are studying until class 10th and beyond. Rachana staff have been trained and are extremely proficient in creating their own teaching material.

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Project location : Pune, Maharashtra
Number of children supported : 1402
2018 Annual Budget provided : $31,659

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