On the way to living his dream

A few years back Ezhilarasan, 19 had given up all hopes around his future because of one reason - abject poverty.

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His parents had to struggle day in and out just to meet the basic needs of their seven children. There was no space for Ezhilarasan’s dreams to complete his education, let alone become an engineer like he secretly wished.
However, Ezhilarasan’s life began to change when he was identified by Vidyarambam funded by Vibha. He was enrolled in the supplementary education course run by the program.
For Ezhilarasan who received no support from his parents to help him in his studies the supplementary coaching centre was a blessing. The mentors in the centre helped him to catch up on subjects that were difficult for him. He also enrolled in the English course organized by Vidyarambam and his language skills began to improve slowly but surely.
The intensive training and Ezhilarasan’s hard work finally paid off. He scored 93% in high school and 70% in higher secondary school examinations paving his way to Engineering College. Now Ezhilarasan is on his way to living his dream - he has successfully completed the first year in the Bachelor of Engineering course.
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More About Vidyarambam

Vidyarambam Trust works towards helping underprivilged children continue and complete their education. To acheive this Vidyarambam offers supplementary learning courses to children from less privileged sections of the society so that they become confident and high performing contributors with a bright future.

Your tax deductible donation to Vibha now will ensure that more children will complete their education in 2018.

Project location : Chennai,Tamil Nadu, India
Number of children supported : 900
Annual Budget provided : 10,13,250 Rs.

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